A revolutionary emergency evacuation system that gets people quickly to safety.

One Person Shot Every 10 Seconds By Mass Shooter
0 .5
Minutes An Active Shooting Takes Place
0 -15+
Police Arrival at an Emergency Range
0 -4
Minute Delay Before Calling 911


To make Go-to-Green a reality required a group of individuals with a broad range of experience that could turn practical experience of active shooter scenarios into a reliable detection and directional guide to get the largest number of people to safety as quickly as possible.

Ernie Williams, CEO

Ernie is the CEO and founder of Go-To-Green. Ernie served 23 years in the United States

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Fred Holmes, Chief Technical Officer

Fred Holmes received his BSEE from the University of Oklahoma and his JD from the University of Tulsa.

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Dino Bilankov, Finance and Communication

Dino Bilankov is a finance and communication expert with over a dozen years of

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GO-TO-GREEN Safety Platform

Our Purpose

Go to Green provides pathways to safety during times of duress by using lights. In a crisis, stress hormones flood our bodies, causing a fight-or-flight response in most people. Adrenaline rushes into our system, resulting in a pounding heart, hyperventilation, impaired hearing, and other physiological responses. Our eyes point slightly outward, our short-range vision decreases, and our pupils dilate to allow more light in as we focus on the threat and decide to run, hide, or fight. 

As sophisticated as our physiological response is, we knew we needed to develop an effective and advanced system. We have designed our system based on these responses and use colored lights to direct people to safety, alerting the proper authorities and directing them towards the threat. During an active threat, Go-To-Green’s patented technology assists by immediately identifying the danger’s location while visually directing people to safety and warning them of routes to avoid. At Go To Green, we go the last tactical mile to ensure you see a pathway from danger.

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About Us

GO-TO-GREEN was born as a beacon of swift decision-making.  Fueled by a commitment to safety and innovation, we developed a sophisticated system that goes beyond conventional solutions.  Our story is one of foresight and responsiveness.  The critical need for a comprehensive emergency response platform inspired the inception.  Understanding the diverse nature of threats, from active shooters to natural disasters, we envisioned a color-coded system providing instant clarity in the face of danger.


  At GO-TO-GREEN, our journey began when we analyzed the following problems;

• Indoor acoustics and the inability to pinpoint the attacker

• Ensuring that the sound was a gunshot and not some other loud noise

• Knowing the building well enough to know the exit locations.

• Warn everyone in the vicinity of the threat

• Alert staff and first responders of the attack

• Direct responding officers to the attacker’s location  


We recognized that good gunshot detection systems are available, but so what? Most systems will send an alert to select members only.  If I’m a visitor or the owners haven’t updated their database, you must rely on others to know what is happening.  Alternatively, the alert is in generalities and doesn’t immediately tell you where the threat is.    


Not knowing the threat’s location inhibits your ability to decide to run, hide, or fight quickly.   Some people have never heard the report of a gun.  


Others will deny the gunshot completely and instead mentally try to find another reason for the loud noise, “Was that a backfire?”.  Using Go To Green technology, we separate the gunshot from other loud noises.  


Three maxims come to mind.  First, when indoors – trust your eyes, not your ears.  Second, the best way to survive a gunfight is not to be in one.  Third, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.    


Our sympathetic nervous system kicks in when we believe we are in danger.  We freeze as our body decides if we should run or fight.  These few seconds can mean life or death in an active attack situation.


Understanding the stress response, we decided to trust our eyes and use lights to alert people of the threat and direct them to safety.


Every country uses traffic lights to lead people – green is go, and red is stop.  Blue and Red lights warn of a nefarious event.     During the development of our system, we quickly realized that we could direct cameras to the threat in real time and relay that information to the police along with active floor plans through text messages showing the proximity of the shooter.   Over time, we learned that we can direct people using lights away from fires, chemical spills, or other hazards.  Other times, we can lead people to shelters in case of tornados.  Our lights can be seen during outdoor events such as sporting events or inclement weather.  


Lights can also be seen when verbal warnings, for example, band rooms or cafeterias, can’t be heard.     GO-TO-GREEN is not just a solution; it’s a commitment to safeguarding businesses and their invaluable assets.  Join us on this journey toward a safer, more resilient future.”